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About Chiswick Pets

Chiswick Pets has been in its current location for over 20 years, and we have had many loyal and supportive customers over that time. Some of our customers may still remember our "bird room" where our parrots flew free round the room causing havoc, under the watchful eye of our blue and gold Macaw, Rodney. (Rodney, who it was discovered, is female, has since gone to live in Herefordshire with her boyfriend, Del Boy!)

The shop has undergone a fair few changes in that time, with the most recent being the addition of our new Grooming service (due to open Spring/Summer 13)

Eileen and Raymond

Eileen and Raymond took over the business in 2005, with the aim of creating a family-run business who know their customers (and their owners!) personally. They take pride in caring for their customers and their animals, and wanted to provide everything that their customers would need under one roof, with people who they could trust with their animals.

Eileen has now gained her qualifications in pet grooming, and will be on hand in our new grooming salon for all your pets hairdressing needs!


Christmas 2012 Window - the Muppets Christmas CarolIn 2007, we were joined by our current Manager, Allan. In September 2013 Allan will be celebrating 25 years in the pet trade. Allan has previously worked as a Keeper at London Zoo, and was the manager of Allpets in Stanmore. He also holds two Pet Care Trust City & Guilds in Pet Store Management and Livestock Husbandary. Allan's particular interests include making sure the pets of Chiswick aren't left out at Christmas, with our range of Christmas pet presents, as well as creating the spectacular window displays such as the Penguin Olympics and the Muppets Christmas Carol!

Allan seems to know pretty much everything about most of the things we have in stock, so if you have a question, he's the man to ask!


Tanya joined us in 2009, and has 15 years experience in the pet trade, having trained as a vet's nurse and also worked at London Zoo. Her favourite animals are Reptiles, particularly snakes, which she has a menagerie of at home, alongside her dog and cats!

Tanya is qualified to dispense Frontline and Drontal flea and worming treatments, which are only available from vets or other qualified lisencees. Tanya also holds qualifications allowing her to dispense prescription pet foods.


Dom originally joined us as a "Saturday boy" in 2008. Since then, he's progressed to working on the shop floor, and you'll find he's more than happy to help you with his favourite, topic, fishkeeping- he currently looks after the livestock and other goods in our fish section. Dom is also well versed in cat and dog nutrition, and is happy to advise on anything else you may need to know!

Emily has recent rejoined us in 2013. She has worked in the pet trade and veterinary surgeries for five years. Her passion is rabbits, which she has six of at home, and also breeds. As well as her rabbits, she also has a tortoise and has kept fish for many years.


Holly is our current "Saturday girl" and has been with us since 2010. She is very knowledgeable on the scalier creatures at the shop, as she keeps lizards, snakes, frogs and a tarantula herself at home - as well as a dog, a cat, and rabbits!

Mike and Ellie taking a well-earnt break Lincoln, Casper and ShiloThe rest of our "staff" consists of Lincoln and Casper the mini dauchsunds, Shilo the pomeranian cross, Mika and Ellie the cats, and Patta the Patagonian Conure (who is in charge of loudly welcoming visitors to the shop!)