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Eileen and a visting chameleon

Small Animal and Reptile Boarding

All animals are boarded at home, not at the shop, so you can be sure they are being well looked after in a home environment. For your convenience, and to avoid disruption to the other animals, you can drop-off and pick-up your pets at the shop.

Animals can be dropped off and/or picked up at 5:30pm Monday - Saturday,
and 3:30pm Sunday. (except bank holidays)


Our boarding service is suitable for:

Raymond chatting to one of the guests!

Indoor / Outdoor Rabbits* and Guinea Pigs

Leopard Geckos
Bearded Dragons

We may be able to cater for other animals too- just ask us!

Your pet will be in an environment with people who love and care for your animal. Your small furry or not-so-furry friend will be cleaned three times a week and handled every day. You also need not worry about food or cleaning/bedding products, as we will provide these.

Rabbits in run in our garden

For outdoors rabbits - we have our large 2 tier hutches with a 4ft run attached. During the day, they will be out in the garden in 6ft runs with a sheltered area and tunnels for your animals security.

For outdoors guinea pigs - we have our large 4ft hutches with 4ft runs, with a sheltered area for your piglets safety and comfort.

*Please note, all rabbits boarding with us must be up-to-date on vaccinations.

For reptiles - we have a selection of heated vivariums of various sizes, suited to accommodate anything from frogs to bearded dragons.

If you would like to save time when you come in to drop-off your animals, you can download our boarding book-in form to print off and fill in at home.