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Benefits of Grooming

Keeping your dogs coat in tip-top condition is vital to their overall health and an important part of their care.

Before and after grooming

Regular grooming:

  • Maintains a healthy coat, keeping the coat in good condition
  • Reduces skin complaints
  • Reduces odours
  • Prevents matting
  • Helps the dog to bond with others and become used to being handled
  • Aids health check
  • And looks lovely and smart!

Regular grooming will keep your dogs coat in good condition and will prolong the time needed in between visits to the grooming parlour. Also, your dog will get used to being groomed and handled, which will make visits a better experience. This also makes vet visits easier and less stressful, as your dog will be used to being touched and examined by others.

A grooming session also offers a useful opportunity to check your dogs skin and body for any signs or illness or injury