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The Pet Shop

Chiswick Pets started out as a Pet Shop, and we have been an independent local trader in the area for over 20 years. We are proud of our reputation for excellent quality, great service, and our commitment to the welfare of both our own and our customers animals!

Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and we are happy to advise on all aspects of pet care, training, feeding and housing.

The team at Chiswick Pets

As well as the multitude of animals often wandering free range round the shop (who can often be found "helping" the staff) we also stock a selection of small mammals, fish, reptiles, insects and amphibians for sale. We endeavour to make sure that owners know everything they need to know about their new pet, so any questions you wish to ask, or even if you are unsure which would be the best pet for you and your family, we are more than happy to help! To see a list of the pets we stock, and information on how to care for them, please see our Livestock page.

We also stock a wide range of veterinary recommended, natural and organic cat and dog foods and an extensive range of toys, treats, chews, bedding and training aids for cats, dogs, and small animals as well as cleaning and animal hygiene supplies; plus indoor and outdoor housing.