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New and Featured Products

The products on this page are just a few of the enormous variety of products we stock - these are some of the newer or more unusual products which you may not expect to find in your local pet shop.

We of course have many more products than there is space to list here, and we are able to order many more in upon request - if you are looking for a specific product, please phone us and ask!

New "Trixie" Range in Stock Trixie Princess Castle Cat Scratcher - now available at Chiswick Pets

This fantastic range of cat scratchers (with ladders, swings, multiple platforms, or castle-shaped), food bowls, aquarium ornaments, toys and more from Germany are now in stock.

Chiswick Pets Dog Coats, Jackets and Hoodies now in!

New Dog Coats and Hoodies

Our range of dog coats, jackets and hoodies are now in for the winter. Keep your dog cosy and dry in the winter weather!

Lilly's Kitchen - New flavours!

Lilly's Kitchen is a range of high quality, natural, hypoallergenic food for cats and dogs.  Developed specifically for the founder's dog Lilly, who was allergic to most other foods, Lilly's Kitchen is suitable for those with even the most sensitive stomachs!  It is also very tasty (or so our dogs and cats tell us), so a great choice for even the fussiest eaters. 
Lilly's Kitchen will soon be announcing some great new flavours for Summer 2013 - see our foods page for full details.

Hungry Hector

A new range of natural dog treats from Cornwall, made from fresh, human-grade ingredients - with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  Available in 7 flavours, including Lamb, Chicken, Mackerel, Liver, and of course, Cornish Pasties!  Apparently they taste great -but we're not telling who was eating them!

"Puppia" Harnesses

Lincoln the minature Dachsund modelling a yellow "Puppia" harnessThese popular, stylish harnesses are very comfortable for dogs to wear, indoors or out walking.  They are a great alternative to collars, especially for breeds prone to pulling, and many people prefer them due to their wide, soft chest and shoulder strap, rather than the thinner strap that most other harness types have.  This spreads and force caused by the dog pulling evenly across the chest and shoulders, without rubbing or digging in.


Microchip Cat-Flap

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap - Available now at Chiswick Pets></font><font size=The only type of cat-flap that ensures 100% that your cat is the only one who can use your cat flap.  The flap learns your cats existing microchip and will only unlock for them.
Plus, as the flap works by reading their microchip rather than relying on a collar tag, it is an ideal solution for cats who tend to lose their collars.  No more getting locked out, and no more expensive collar tags to replace!

Feliway & DAP calming diffusers, collars and sprays

Feliway Cat calming diffusers, See DAP for dogs.  Available at Chiswick PetsFeliway and DAP mimic the natural pheromones that are released by the animals mother, which has a calming, reassuring effect on animals who are nervous, stressed or aggressive.  They can be used after stressful events such as moving home or introducing a new pet in the form of a room diffuser, or sprayed in particular areas the animal finds stressful such as the car.


Natural & Organic Cat and Dog Foods

Various ranges of all-natural and organic cat and dog foods are now available, both wet and dry.  Dry foods include the very popular "Barking Heads / Meowing Heads" - the closest available replacement for the now discontinued "Nutro" cat and dog foods.  Barking / Meowing heads are a great quality food, and competively priced when compared to other foods on the market, including those using lesser-quality ingredients. 
Barking heads natural dog food, Meowing heads natural cat food, Chiswick Pets.  Similar to discontinued Nutro foods
Also available is Lilly's Kitchen, for cats and dogs.  Foil trays of wet food for cats, and both trays and tins of wet food for dogs, are kept in stock, as well as dry food for dogs.  Lilly's Kitchen is a particularly good option for fussy eaters or those with sensitive digestion.
We also stock the long-running brand "Naturediet" for dogs as well as many other foods such as Hills Science Plan, James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin.  Please see our Foods page for full details.